Friday, March 31, 2017

Tom Trueheart

                                      Tom trueheart 

Hi my name is Tom. I have six brothers and their brides that I have to try and save. I am as small as a thumb. I wonder where my brothers and their brides are. I take my sword out of the patch it is as big as a stick. I point it around It starts glowing bright yellow. As the snow is falling on my head.I am getting colder and colder. I call my pet bird by my whistle. My bird is as white as the snow. I can’t see it because it blends in with the snow. sometimes we can go camouflaged when we see enemies. I whisper in my birds ear and I say “where are my brothers and their brides”. he takes me to the far casle they were looked in a jar they saw us by the window. There was nobody in the room so we go camouflaged and save them.until I heard foot steps. there is someone coming we hide under the dark draw. The man comes in and looks under everything. My bird is turning back to white. I get my sheld it has a love heart on it. We go in the dark corner where he could not see us. I put my sheld in front of us. Hopefully he won’t see it we heard his wife calling his name jack yelled jill. “Ok” said jack. Jack locks the door so nobody could get in. I take my sword out of my patch and cut the rope to get in the jar.I run on top of the jar to make it lose. I whisper to my bird “take the lid off please” said “Ok” said the bird. I take them out of the jar. We her guards outside I don’t think we can get out. The man came into have another look. I take my 6 brothers and their brides. the man sees that the top of the jar is on the floor. We go in the corner. As the man is turning around we tiptoe out of the room “everything it so big” I said. I see a door our dad is waiting right by the “come on come on” we have to go. We ran as fast as we could so we hopped on the bird and through my dad on we were flying as fast as a cheetah. we flew past a guard and took his helmet . we finally get home we walked in the house my mum gives us a big hug .I say to my mum “the house is as shiny as a diamond” she say “thanks”. “by the way your guys rooms are as tidy as a new house” said mum. I walk in my room “wow” I say. “I hear someone coming hide”. I said “ AHHHHHHHH” It’s the guards they have knives and swords we go in our underground trail. I say let’s go let’s go I pull the leather in the underground trail. I gather everyone in the safe room. I count everyone “there is only 10 people in the safe room” I say where are the 5 brides they say “they're still in the house” “oh”. I said I have to go save them but it’s too late the guards had already taken them. I called my bird again we have to go and get the 5 brides. we go through the drippy jungle through the white snow and in the castle. I look in the room where I saved all my brothers and their brides there not in their. I looked in every room except the king and queens room. I saw a safe I would of thought they were in there but they weren't. They were in a secret room where no one new where it was. I saw a little red button so I pressed it. I saw a little door that had opened. I went in it there was the princess brides. I take them out the king sees that the little door is open he saw me “oh no’’ I say “he saw me’’. I grab them and go I use my sword to make the guards fant for years so we can have the kingdom to ourselves. I go through the drippy jungle through the white snow and then home. I tell them the good news they are all shocked we move in the castle and enjoy the rest of our lives. The end…………….

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