Friday, May 5, 2017


I am on a big red rusty boat. I can hear the waves splashing on the sides of the boat. I can hear hooks getting hooked on the boat.I can smell pirates they smell like they haven’t had a shower in days. It is cold,dark,and echoing in the container. Then I cut a hole in the top of the container. I fly out of the container.

The pirates open the container all excited to see the cars they opened up the container and see a black space. “Where are the cars?” a pirate says. I can see that the chef’s are in trouble the pirates are invading the ship “OH NO.” I yelled the pirates come in the chef's kitchen.

One of the pirates take the wooden spoon off one of the chef’s and tasted the soup OH NO my soup.

I start to chase after the pirates as I was hiding against the wall tripping over all the pirates 1 by 1.

I throw a pirate overboard and into the sea the pirates invade. The engineers they try and scare them with their guns there big guns. I went up to see the captains and the captain of the pirates was up there so…..

I went back down and the pirate captain  said give me the key the captain gave the pirate captain the key and he put the key in and started the boat.

I told my robot friends to come up to take the pirates down and throw them overboard.I gently tapped the captain of the pirates he turned around and screamed in fear ahhhhhhhh. I pick him up and throw him overboard and give the captain the key back wave everyone good bye I go back in the cold dark container……...

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