Thursday, March 16, 2017

Something Fishy

Something Fishy
One day I was sitting at the dry cleaners. I was reading an old magazine. As I was yawning and  turning the page on the magazine. I saw a shiny blue light in the dryer. I put the magazine down and got out of the old chair. I opened the dryer and pecked through. I opened it up all the way. I touched the water as I was taking my fingers out of the water. I felt a tingle I took my fingers out and rubbed them together. It felt strange so I took a big breath and put my whole face in it.

I jumped in the dryer and pushed of the wall. I was so amazed and shocked. I saw heaps of glowing fish.As I was watching all of the different fish swim past my eyes.I saw lots of tokens coins and dollars on the ground and as the log for the tree. All the different colour fish was so awesome. I saw this one little yellow fish swimming right past me. So I followed it until it swam really fast. I heard something swimming closer and closer.

I turned my head to the left and saw a big scary shark made out of jeans.
its teeth was as sharp as a blade.I was screaming and lots of bubbles came out of my mouth. I was so scared I froze until……….I saw a tree that was made out of coins it was as skinny as a branch. I pecked at the back of me it was really close. I saw the whole that I came through. So I swam to the hole as fast as I could. The shark was swimming so fast that it was almost as fast as a cheetah.

I got closer to the whole I was kicking my feet as fast as I could. I finally reached the whole and…..I got out I was so scared. I looked at the dryer it was still blue but then it turned black. as soon as it turned black the blue jeans came out. As I was dragging my finger closer. I almost touched it until. I heard a voice saying “I think those are mine”. I turned my head and looked up. I was freaking out but in my head. Because it was a shark I slightly turn my head back.then I waited till my washing was finished then I went home. To be continued…………...

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